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Did you know that the average agent sells only 8 homes per year?  Did you know that 45% of real estate agents spend less than $500 per year on training and professional development.  These are the facts, so how do you know if your agent is experienced enough to help you sell your home? There is a lot more involved with selling a home, but most of the time, the problems that arise during the selling process starts at the beginning.


By determining buyers’ expectations, needs and wants, and comparing them to what the market is showing, I am able to connect potential buyers to your home.  However, it is important to understand how an agent will be able to identify these factors.  When deciding on an agent that will guide you through the process, ask the necessary questions and ensure you are comfortable with their response.  I am able to determine things that buyers want most such as timing and motivation, expenses and finances, lifestyle and community profile and provide a customized marketing strategy that fits your needs as a seller.


My marketing strategies, along with my partners and connections allow me to do marketing differently.  I have a 99-point marketing plan that touches on the most important points and frequently asked questions.  I provide each listing with a high-end professionally designed property brochure that highlights the best qualities of your home.  I also provide my luxury property listings with custom property lifestyle brochures that highlight both the home and the community and offer vital statistics and neighborhood info that support the overall lifestyle of the area.  My social marketing plan targets the most interested buyers by certain criteria points.  I also make sure that your home for sale will be visible across all online platforms and social media sites.



Have you ever heard the term “if you build it, they will come”?  Well in real estate, we would all love for things to be that easy—”if you list it, they will come”.  The truth is, if you want to generate the traffic necessary to sell your home, you have to market, market, market!  I spend a lot of time, money and resources finding better ways to market my client’s homes because if nobody sees it, it simply won’t sell.  Therefore, the most important part of our plan of action is to get your home the exposure it needs in order for it to successfully sell.  However, we have to make sure it is in ready-to-sell condition.  So let’s begin to prepare...



Living a digital world, it is common to always focus on new and exciting ways to promote listings. Whether it be social media, online advertisements or print campaigns, you can rest assured that I am always researching and implementing the best techniques and strategies to promote your property.



Professional photography of your home is so important to its successful sale.  Poor quality photos can limit traffic to your home regardless of how well priced it is.



Video marketing is one of my most effective ways to advertise your home online to potential buyers.  Videos can tell a story and can be impactful, influential and play a huge role in helping potential buyers visualize themselves in your home.


Eric Palin knows what it takes to succeed.  As a professional former figure skater and current coach, Eric understands the commitment it takes to master any craft.  He's brought that same attitude into the world of real estate, specifically in Calgary, AB, where he currently lives.  He is becoming one of the best up-and-coming agents and he truly has a passion to help people achieve their real estate goals.  Let's Connect!

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