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I help home builders sell!

One of the largest real estate purchasing options still comes through new builds by qualified home builders.  These builders rely on many intense marketing processes such as signage, social media marketing, video campaigns and printed material.  However, there are many other ways to market any home for sale in Calgary that goes beyond the scope of essential marketing procedures.  One of these ways is to tap into a network of viable, qualified buyers who are looking for a home.  We have a database of qualified buyers that are prospects for new home builds as an option.  These buyers come from a broad spectrum are seekers who have been vetted as qualified candidates for new builders' business.


I have set up a process that attracts potential buyers to see new show homes, custom builds and drive foot traffic into builder show homes, websites and end in more sales for home builders!

Eric Palin knows what it takes to succeed.  As a professional former figure skater and current coach, Eric understands the commitment it takes to master any craft.  He's brought that same attitude into the world of real estate, specifically in Calgary, AB, where he currently lives.  He is becoming one of the best up-and-coming agents and he truly has a passion to help people achieve their real estate goals.  Let's Connect!

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I help home builders sell!

I help home builders sell!

I help home builders sell!

Complimentary Home Evaluation