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Any agent who gives you an analysis of your home before seeing it should automatically raise red flags.  Every home is different and every situation is not alike, it is so important for an agent to consider all variables when analyzing your property. I will show you how to properly access your property by asking the “hard” questions, evaluating other aspects, doing a detailed CMA and helping you understand the process and everything involved in it.  To successfully sell your home, you have to establish a level of trust with your agent and your agent needs to understand your needs as well as your wants.  I help identify the great qualities of your home that most buyers are looking for.  I will do what is necessary in order to sell your home for all it’s worth.  I want to ensure you are comfortable, informed and completely satisfied.


One of the main key factors involved when selling your home is to maximize its exposure.  90% of buyers search for homes using the internet and of that 90%, 8 out of 10 people use Google as their main search engine, followed by Yahoo and Bing.  So obviously, having a great online presence is vitally important, yet, most agents don’t utilize their web syndication to its fullest.


Though there are essential needs to marketing a property properly, using the best forms of marketing will always help give your home the detailed and specific exposure it needs.  Taking photos is great.  Taking photos with your iPhone, not so much.  Professional HD photography and video can sometimes be the difference between a quick sale and a long-drawn out one.  Many times good photography and video is the reason many buyers even visit your home in the first place.


By utilizing all the marketing resources necessary, our team of experienced agents are able to expose your home for all it’s worth.






I believe in reaching out to my peers, utilize their network of friends and associates, and target buyer specialists. Having a marketing plan that successfully attracts co-op agents could help sell your home for up to 5% more!  Think about this; someone who sells their home for $500,000 and banks $100,000 could have sold their home for $525,000 and bank an extra $25k. That’s substantial, and could ultimately be done by choosing an expert agent who gives expert advice while guiding you through the process.


Negotiation is another vital part of the process.  Many agents who do not pay attention to the small details usually sell far below the asking price or not at all.  So how do you know if you are dealing with a smart negotiator?

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Eric Palin knows what it takes to succeed.  As a professional former figure skater and current coach, Eric understands the commitment it takes to master any craft.  He's brought that same attitude into the world of real estate, specifically in Calgary, AB, where he currently lives.  He is becoming one of the best up-and-coming agents and he truly has a passion to help people achieve their real estate goals.  Let's Connect!

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